Sonntag, 6. März 2011

Frankfurter Kranz

Wann habe ich eigentlich zum letzten Mal einen Frankfurter Kranz gegessen? Es muß zu Zeiten gewesen sein, als es die Bäckerei um die Ecke noch gab, an Sonntagen keine Brötchen gebacken werden durften und ich samstags immer zwei Stück Kuchen für den nächsten Tag kaufte.

Da hilft nur Selbermachen:
In 27 Schritten ginge es zum fertigen Kuchen...


  1. "Baked buns are not allowed on Sunday"? Is that a mistranslation? Are they just not available on Sunday?

    Are you saying you eat cake for breakfast? That would be frowned on here, yet people eat things just as sweet if not sweeter!

    That sounds like a tasty recipe!

  2. Strangely, "my" Google Translate is talking about bread, not about buns... But no matter if bread rolls (which would be the correct translation of Brötchen), bread or buns, up to about ten years ago bakeries in Germany were neither allowed to bake nor to open on Sundays. Nowadays times have changed - at least for bakeries, but not for other types of shops: Generally you cannot buy any articles for daily use anywhere on Sundays with exception of gas stations or railroad stations.

    Indeed, I bought two pieces of cake on Saturday then and ate them for breakfast on Sunday morning. It showed me that Sundays were something very special! But my habit has changed since I can buy bread rolls also on Sunday morning...